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Pictures Or It Didn’t happen

Updated: May 9, 2019

I’ve gotten several inquiries as to the photo equipment setup I use when filming my YouTube videos. In response, here is a quick rundown with some affiliate links to my kit.

My primary camera is a Canon EOS M which I use for magazine and book pictures, videos and to carry when traveling to conventions and other speaking engagements. It is compact, reasonably priced and does great for photos and video. Although it is an older model and still available used, there are many similar new models on the market. It has an 18-55mm lens attached which significantly adds to its versatility.

One drawback of this camera is that it does not have a flip screen which I find useful when setting up shots while working alone. Instead of replacing the camera, I decided to add an inexpensive ($52.99) 7” LCD monitor – with its own battery pack - This setup makes the job of framing a shot a quick and easy process!

For the audio portion of my videos, I utilize a standalone Zoom H1n Handy Recorder - I can leave this in my pocket with the microphone attached and not be tethered to the camera by a cord. It is another time saver when having to move back and forth between shooting a video to the computer. No more unclipping the microphone and then having to reroute the cord under my shirt and adjust the mic when I return for the next shot.

This all gets mounted on a tripod using a mount that I fashioned in the shop. I didn’t like how the camera mounted as it blocked access to the SD card slot which meant I had to remove the camera every time I wanted to access the card. Now it is mounted to the side so I have easy access to the battery compartment and SD mounting slot. It also provides a handy spot to attach the LCD screen.

I do also have a flash unit although I don’t use it much. Mine is an AmazonBasics unit that cost less than $30 - It is handy to have for those times when I can’t shoot under prime lighting conditions.

What I do use to improve the lighting for my indoor shots is a 4 bulb, adjustable softbox. They provide a soft, even light that helps prevent unwelcome shadows.

A few other items I have on hand include an auto extension tube set - along with extra batteries and SD cards.

I hope this gives you a little insight in how I go about setting up for a photo or video shoot. This can serve as a starting place but is certainly not the only way to go. There is a wide variety of products available that will help you produce quality content. If all you have to start is the camera on your cell phone, so be it. Just get started with what you have and add to your equipment as you can.

Now go take pictures!

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