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Transworld 2019 is in the books!

Updated: May 30, 2019

I arrived home in the wee hours Monday morning from another fantastic experience at the Transworld Halloween and Attractions Show! There is so much to see and do that it can hardly be done in the 4 days available. The show floor is huge, especially with the addition of the Christmas hall which also had plenty of interesting items to see and explore.

I knew it was going to go well from the very beginning when I found my favorite seat on the plane still available when I boarded. Topping the trip off, I discovered it open again on my return home on very empty flight!

My good friend Miles once again opened his home and provided first class hospitality for my stay. He was also kind enough to help out with my seminar and hang out with me through the show. I was missing my long time Transworld buddy, Steven Colberg, who left us too early for that Haunt in the sky. I'm sure he was looking down and wishing he was able to join us.

My seminar this year was expanded to 90 minutes and as always, it still wasn't enough time. Trying to satisfy the wide experience level of those attending this show is always a challenge. I try to walk the tightrope and provide information that is useful for both the beginner and the more experienced builders but it is impossible to please everyone. One day I hope they allow me to teach an introductory class and then a second class that skips the basics and focus's on the more advanced techniques.

There was so much that inspired me that my brain is overflowing with build ideas. So much to build and so little time. I guess it is time to prioritize the projects and get started!

In addition to the show floor, there was plenty to do after the doors closed. A costume ball, the Vampire Circus and plenty of networking in the bar were a few of the popular activities. I enjoy the evening camaraderie almost as much as exploring the vendor displays. I only get to see some of attendees once a year at this show and there is always plenty to catch up on!

I've added a photo from my seminar here to peak your interest but there are plenty more in my Transworld Picture Show video at

If you have never been to Transworld, it is a must do for anyone interested in holiday decorating. Add it now to your 2020 calendar. It will run from March 19-22.

See you next year!

My seminar is my first priority

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